Morrisons ups the petrol price war

With unleaded and diesel prices reaching new highs it is great to see that the supermarket seem to be starting a bit of a pricing war. Last month Tesco were giving away 10p off each litre of fuel, but now Morrisons are offering an amazing 15p a litre if you spend over £60 in their store. For the average motorist this will save around £7.50 on a full tank of petrol, so it is well worth taking advantage off. Read more »

Whatgas Apps Selected by the Sunday Times!

We're delighted to announce that this Sunday the 22nd January 2012 our android app 'WhatGas Petrol Prices Pro' and our WP7 app 'Petrol Price Finder UK' have been chosen for the The Sunday Ti Read more »

Drink more, pay less?

Petrol stations are often trying new promotions, which sometimes combine unlikely products with fuel purchases!  Perhaps some of you will remember Tesco's somewhat surreal petrol price discount last July, in which shoppers could earn 5p per litre off fuel by purchasing more than £10 on pet food! Read more »

PetrolPlus Closes Fuel Refinaries

In more bad news for the motorist is looks like Petroplus will be going ahead with its closure of 3 oil refineries in Europe. It is inevitable that the closure of these sites will push up fuel prices somewhat due to reduced production capacity in Europe. What is more worrying is that Europe as a whole is becoming increasingly reliant on refined fuel from outside the Eurozone, meaning that fuel prices are more and more being dictated by foreign countries Read more »

Fuel Britannia

In a bold move morrisons supermarket have been the first of the petrol retailers of 2012 to offer a  money off coupon, and it comes with the great name - Fuel Britannia.
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2012 Petrol Prices

See below for the average petrol prices in the UK at the start of January 2012

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Welcome to the Petrol Pricing Blog

Welcome to the Whatgas petrol blog where we will post any news and information that we have on petrol prices in the UK. Read more »

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