Nectar points and BP garages

Just a reminder to all those nectar card holders out there... BP accept nectar points at most of their petrol stations, and whats more, if you download the nectar app to your smartphone, you'll often easily be able to get double or triple reward points next time you fill up at a BP garage. 

January Fuel Vouchers and Deals

Its the start of the new year and although every store in the high street seems to have a sale on it seems that the fuel stations are not following suit. Neither the usual suspects of Tesco or Sainsbury are currently running any money off vouchers and there is little news on fuel vouchers or cashback.

However we at Whatgas have recently discovered that Shell offer a little advertised reward scheme giving you points every time you fill up. You can pick up a card in their petrol forecourts, or order online. Read more »

Welcome to the Fuel Vouchers blog

Often supermarkets and some branded fuel companies will offer money off vouchers or cashback rewards in order to  entice you into buying their fuel over other brands. This blog helps you to keep track of the latest deals available so that you can take full advantage of them. Please feel free to add your own comments if you find any local or national petrol deals. Thank you.

2012 Petrol Prices

See below for the average petrol prices in the UK at the start of January 2012

  Read more »

Welcome to the Petrol Pricing Blog

Welcome to the Whatgas petrol blog where we will post any news and information that we have on petrol prices in the UK. Read more »

Post Christmas petrol

Petrol prices have been fairly stable for the last few months, with unleaded generally between 130p and 135p. What will 2012 bring us I wonder? With Iran threatening to blockade a key oil route and all change in North Korea its possible that political events will pull petrol prices even higher. However if you ignore the politics then there is reason to be cheerful, the UK government seems to be avoiding putting up fuel duty, and the BP deep sea disaster is becoming a bit of a distant memory, with companies starting to drill again off the east coast of america. Read more »

Petrol Pricing News

 Its th 12th of June and unleaded petrol prices are around 137p a litre. What a rip off!

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