Car Hire Services

A Checklist for Getting a Car Hire Service

The mobility afforded by having a car hire has its definite advantages over commuting via public transport like a bus or a taxi. Being able to go about town in a self-driven or chauffeured car hire service allows one to use quicker routes, avoiding traffic and eliminates the waiting time for a public utility vehicle to come along. Granted that you have to put up with finding a suitable parking space in between trips, but overall, getting a car hire is undeniably convenient in many situations.

Reasons For Using Car Hires

There is certainly more than one reason why individuals may choose to avail of a car hire service. Perhaps the most common one is to be able to have an easy way of travelling on the road for people on vacation or on business. This certainly makes up majority of car hire availments in the country and is the primary rationale for finding car hire establishments at airports, seaports, train or bus stations and hotels.

In many instances, a car hire service may be included along with a packaged tour or a planned business trip. To illustrate, some hotels might offer transfers through car hire to and from the airport for their pre-booked guests. The service may then be extended to convey them to other local destinations for an additional fee. Nevertheless, there are scores of tourists and business executives who avail of a good car hire even if it does not come bundled along with their purchased travel arrangements.

Regular motorists may also choose to get a local car hire in circumstances when their own vehicles are unavailable such as when the car is being serviced in a garage. Certain breakdown cover providers include such temporary replacement vehicles through tie-ups with car hire operators.

There are also special purpose car hire services. The most popular under this category are car hires for weddings and similar special events. Perhaps the bride would prefer a pink limousine or a vintage Rolls-Royce for a bridal car. Then there may be a few who need to make a grand impression by renting a luxurious Bentley or a sleek Jaguar for a weekend. Other special car hire vehicles include vans, trucks and motorhomes, ideal for road trips in groups.

Basic Guide for Car Hires

Getting the services of a car hire is not at all difficult. For as long as the pre-requisites are fulfilled, car hire operators will usually provide their available vehicles for your use. Whilst individual car rental establishments differ in certain policies, some of the more common industry standards are observed.

  • Customers must hold a valid driver’s license. The individual renting the car must be the one who possesses a valid driver’s license being the signatory to the rental agreement and designated as the primary driver. In some cases, an alternate driver may also be assigned to drive for the duration of the car hire and must also have a current license to drive. Be ready to present both the driver’s photo-card license along with the driver’s record document. Drivers abroad may need to secure an international driving permit in addition to a current driver’s license for certain situations.
  • Age restrictions may apply. In theory car hire companies should accept drivers who are 18 years of age or older. However, the industry standard is to put an age limitation allowing only customers who are at least 23 or 25 years old. Check with your car hire service for such age restrictions.
  • Car hires usually require a credit card or debit card. In many cases, even if you intend to pay in cash, you must have a suitable credit or debit card before car hire operators will permit you to use their vehicles. Additional drivers must also present a credit card. This is part of the security measures of car hire companies and ensures that a customer can be tracked down for any eventualities.
  • Choose from a company-operated fleet or a car hire broker. Brokerages usually offer cheaper rates and more selections in many cases. Major car hire companies on the other hand can assure a more dedicated service with additional amenities.
  • Book your car hire well in advance. Decide early on whether you will avail of a car hire service and make your bookings as soon as possible. This is especially true during the holiday seasons when rentals are at their peak. You can make reservations for a rental car online or by phone. Booking in advance can also save you a fortune on insurance and rental costs.
  • Read and understand the rental agreement before signing. Make sure you completely comprehend and are willing to abide by the terms of the agreement. Take the time to examine the document especially the fine print for extra charges and unnecessary fees. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the car hire supplier.
  • Check your existing insurance coverage. Ensure that you have adequate coverage and that the use of a car hire is included in your policy. Otherwise, it is advisable to avail of the car hire company’s insurance offers.

As a final note, check the condition of the car for dents, scratches and minor damage and ensure these are reflected on the car hire booking voucher or on a vehicle damage checklist prior to collecting the car. Also note the type of fuel that the car requires, otherwise the car hire provider may charge you extra for putting incorrect fuel in their vehicle.