Fuel Cards

Save Time and Money with Fuel Cards

A fuel card is a payment or credit card used for buying gasoline, diesel and unleaded petrol at filling stations or petrol forecourts. It works in a similar fashion to a normal credit or debit cards with the account either being pre-paid or cleared at the end of each month. Fuel cards are particularaly popular with medium or large businesses who can hand them out to their drivers to buy fuel with. This keeps the administration costs low on claiming back fuel allowances whilst only allowing the drivers to use the card to buy fuel.

Often the fuel card can be used to gain a discount on the fuel price, especially if it is being used by a large haulage company, and in certain cases you can even obtain fuel, especially diesel, at a price that is fixed weekly (very useful at the moment with prices changing so rapidly). Other advantages include fleet reporting to see how many miles and the MPG your fleet is gaining, the VAT system is much simplified and there are sometimes other points or reward systems out there including bonuses for signing up to join the fuel card schemes

The fuel cards often however come with an annual charge or even a surcharge on the normal pump price of the fuel. They also are often specific to individual fuel brands, e.g. Shell, BP, Texaco etc.

Find the Right Fuel Card

Whether you own a small business or own a large haulage frim you'll quickly find that keeping the receipts and filling out expense accounts takes a large amount of time and effort. By using a fuel card system you can cut down your administration overheads and keep good track of your fleet of cars, vans, lorries or trucks.

Given that most large fleets are run on Diesel it is far more common to find Diesel fuel cards than any other type, however in Europe you can find a number of unleaded fuel cards if you look in the right places.

Cheap Fuel with your Cards

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