Fuel Consumption

What is the Petrol Consumption of your car

Use the form at the bottom of this page to find out how much petrol consumes for every mile that it drive (miles per gallon or MPG). The higher the car's mpg the lower its petrol consumption.

Calculating my car's petrol consumption

Some modern cars will tell you your petrol consumption in miles per gallon on the onboard computer. However if you do not have this feature then you will have to rely on the old fashion method.
Next time you fill up your car you'll need to reset the milage trip, or make a note of the overall milage. Then fill up the fuel tank right to top (let the fuel nozzle 'click').
Now drive around all over the place consuming your petrol in a normal fashion.
When the car tank is nearly empty (you don't want to run out completely!) then return to the garage and refill the car again right up to the top (dont forget to let the fuel nozzle 'click') and note down how many litres of fuel have been put it. To convert this to good old gallons you need to multiple the numbers of litres by 4.546.
Make a note of your new milage and calculate how many miles you have driven since you last filled up. Then divide by the number of gallons of petrol that you just put in your car and the number you end up with will be your miles per gallon (mpg) of petrol consumption.


What is the UK's petrol consumption?

The UK consumes a vast amount of petrol each day, and around 34% of our total energy consumption is due to petrol consumption. Back in 2001 the UK consumed the equivilant of 50 million tonnes of oil just to keep the car wheels turning. 60% of that petrol consumption was from domestic cars, 30% from goods transportation and 10% on public transport. You may find it suprising that the UK consumes twice as much petrol on its cars than it does on keeping all those lorries on the road.

How do I reduce my Petrol Consumption?

There are many ways to reduce your petrol consumption, starting with driving more carefully to save fuel. However to really cut your petrol consumption you'll need to buy a car which achieves a good number of miles to gallon - use our petrol consumption calculator to find the best car for you.