Petrol Litre

How many litres in a gallon of petrol?

There are 4.5461 litres of petrol in an Imperial (i.e UK) gallon of petrol
There are 3.785 litres of petrol in a US gallon of petrol
To convert from a gallon of petrol into litres simply multiply by 4.5461 or 3.785 respectively
To convert from a litre of petrol into a gallon of petrol simply divide by 4.5461 or 3.785 respectively

Some examples of litre to gallon petrol conversions

These examples are for an Imperial gallon of petrol:

  • A typical 60 litre family car contains 13.2 Gallons of petrol
  • A typical petrol container holds 5 litres, which is 1.10 gallons of petrol
  • A gallon of petrol will cost over £6 when the price of petrol reaches 132.0p