rebrand for a bigger piece of the used car market

Formed in 2008, used car website has established a reputation for providing very reliable and useful tools to help its customers. Despite not being subject to the same level of exposure that has distinguished the likes of and , Carmony can rightly take its claim to be – as stated on the About section of the site – among the United Kingdom’s ‘leading used car websites’.
Carmony, like , is owned and run by Manheim Europe, and as such its tools and guidance is of similar quality to that provided under the Motors banner. With search features that include the ability to specify user preferences on age, fuel efficiency, number of seats, boot space and many more.
Yet, the problem for Carmony is the fact that the market for online used car portals has become saturated. Indeed, not only is the Auto Trader website now very well-known, but has become Manheim’s main portal for general used car sales.
In addition, the car section on has grown in popularity, as has the automotive section of the classifieds website, Gumtree.  
It is an often-repeated maxim that to be a successful, a business must constantly change according to the state of the marketplace. This is precisely what Auto Trader did when it revamped its website in 2009 and ended the run of its print publication four years later. Considering that such well-known brands in the used car industry are now completely web-centric, it is even more important for lesser-known brands like Carmony to find their place.
Accordingly, Mannheim has announced that the Carmony website is to be revamped and will soon focus exclusively on premium car brands like BMW, Audi and Lexus. This is a shrewd move, considering that this is a relatively unsaturated area of the market.
Of course, there are a number of websites that cater for this market, such as , but for the most part these sites only deal in a specific region, whereas Carmony has always encompassed a huge database of information related to cars being sold across the UK .