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The Cheapest Car In The World

by: Direct Line Car Insurance

Much has been made in the mainstream press about the release of Tata’s Nano and it has finally been unveiled to the general public and the overall feeling seems to be one of success.

The Indian car manufacturer proved the skeptics wrong by producing a car with space for four passengers and it will only cost you £1,369, it is sure to be cheap to find car insurance for as well, so all in all it seems great for cheap motoring right? Well, let’s find out.

 First off it needs to be said that for the price this gives car owners some real value for money and amazingly, driving one is remarkably good. One thing that you need to remember with the Nano is that it is a budget car for the masses, much like the original Mini (the Nano was even designed by a Brit) or Model T Ford. I am not saying it is in the same league as these two motoring icons, but it has the same air about it.

The Cheap Nano Car

Inside the Nano is basic, as is to be expected, and you will find a steering wheel, stalks for the single windscreen wiper and indicators and a four speed manual gearbox. Being as basic as it is, it doesn’t have a heater, aircon, radio or even switches on the minimalist dashboard.

The plastics and finishes do look and feel a little cheap (well, because they are), but it all seems put together quite well. The Nano is only three meters long, but much like the Mini of old has a surprising amount of interior space and four adults will comfortably fit into the little gem from India.

It is definitely suited to driving in the city only as its top speed is a mere 65 mph and with only a 624cc engine it isn’t hard to see why it isn’t faster. It will be very cheap to find motor insurance for as well, so I personally think that what Tata has created is something quite remarkable considering the current economic climate, so good on them!

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