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Petrol Price Map

To put our petrol map on your own website simply copy and paste the code below into any html web page - simple! The map can be setup to centre on area location in the UK, or can detect the users location automatically, making it ideal for both local and national websites.

<iframe frameborder="0" style="height:620px; width:100%;" scrolling="no" src=""/> <br /><br />Search for <a title="Whatgas Petrol Station Finder" href="">Petrol Prices</a> in other areas.


Our Petrol Map is now featured on over 50 different websites, mainly local newspapers providing high quality local information for their readers. We have had a huge amount of positive feedback from these users with many talking about increased visitors to their own sites to check the petrol prices.

Advanced Options


<p><iframe frameborder="0" style="height:620px; width:675px;" scrolling="no" src="" ></iframe></p> <p>Search for <a title="Search For Petrol Prices Prices in Your Area" href="">Petrol Prices</a> in other areas</p>


  • To change the default location replace Cambridge with your own Postal Town or Postcode.
  • If your Postal Town has a space in it then use "+" instead of the space. e.g. "Newton+Abbot"
  • For repeated town names add a comma and then the country, e.g. Cambridge,Cambridgeshire
  • To change the colour of the map background alter "colour=FFCC00" to any valid html colour code.
  • To change the coutry and language alter Lang=EN using the iso language code (some languages may not be available)

Please note that the link back to MUST remain in place.

You are free to use the map as long as the URL link to our site remains in place - any comments on the system are also greatly appreciated.

Colin Jenner from Hastings Observer says "Many thanks for the
great tool - good idea well executed...."

Jon Pearson from says "The petrol map is fantastic, we get a good deal of feedback from our visitors saying how useful it is"

Search for Petrol Prices in other areas