Q8 Petrol

Q8 petrol and its fuel selling history

Kuwait Petroleum International was established in 1983 to manage and promote the refining and marketing interests of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.  The company is young in comparison to the other major fuel companies in operation but they have quickly become very prominent in Europe.  They operate over 4000 service stations across Europe and have a strong business in the middle east.  In 2004 they sold 75 Q8-branded petrol stations in Britain to a private company, Malthurst and since then the Q8 brand has been phased out.

Where Q8 sells petrol

The brand is no longer seen in the UK, however they operate more than 4000 filling stations across six European countries.  Q8 have attempted to put a twist on the way we fill up our cars by operating a number of no frills service stations.  These are unmanned and show how filling stations could reduce costs to reduce the price at the pump.  In Denmark the filing stations are called F24, in the Netherlands they are called TanGo (tank and go) and in Italy and Belgium Q8 Easy.

Q8 fuel types and options

They have the normal unleaded petrol and diesel fuel, however cannot compete in petrol price with the huge retailers.

Extra services at Q8 stations service stations

Most of the filling stations operate a convenience store that sells all the items you might need when you are on the go.  Car wash facilities are also available, as are air and water.

Q8 and being green

Q8 is working hard to reduce its impact on the environment.  In Italy and Denmark they have opened zero carbon service stations, if successful this model will be rolled out across the entire network.  Also in Italy they are recycling rainwater and solar photovoltaic power to reduce the impact of their service stations on the environment.

Why fill up your tank at Q8

If you are travelling in Europe then it could be worth filling up at Q8 filling stations just to experience their more novel approaches to filling up your tank.  The innovations they have introduced would be refreshing to see in the UK, maybe one day we will see them back.