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Ireland Unleaded Petrol

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Cheap Petrol in Ireland?

We fully expect to see petrol prices in Ireland vary rapidly for some time yet, and so you should make good use of our petrol map system to try and find the best Irish fuel prices. We have particularly good coverage of Dublin petrol stations so please update the prices if you live in or around Dublin.

Ireland Petrol/Fuel Duty

In the Republic of Ireland the fuel duty on petrol comes in at 42 cents which compares well when you look at its close neighbour Britain with a fuel duty of 70 cents. However the gap is closed somewhat due to Irelands VAT rate of 21% bringing its fuel prices up a notch. However Irish petrol prices are generally higher than their European counterparts not because of fuel duty or other taxes, but because their are greater transportation costs and generally lower fuel sales per petrol station.

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