Applegreen Prices – Saving you money on petrol today

Applegreen filling stations can be found predominantly on the east coast of the Republic of Ireland around the Dublin area.  Although they can also be found in central locations on the major motorway routes and in the bigger cities in the south west region.  Suprisingly they also have three locations in the UK.

Applegreen is the trading name of the Petrogas group.  The company is based in Dublin, Ireland and was incorporated in 1991.  They operate 33 filling stations in the Republic of Ireland providing a number of services including low price fuel and well stocked forecourt stores.

Applegreen Fuels

Applegreen offer fuels which are in accordance with the best international practice and conform to the Irish fuel regulations.  All of their petrol is E5 with a mix of 5% ethanol to 95% petrol. The use of E5 in place of standard petrol, decreases carbon emissions by 3.4%.  This fuel can be used in all current petrol engines and doesn’t affect the engine warranty.

All of their diesels contain a mix of 5% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) to 95% standard diesel. This B5 blend of standard fuel and biomass helps reduce carbon emissions and is suitable for use in all diesel engines.

Applegreen is offering fuel at low prices, which is demonstrating that it is possible to still combine value with some credible green credentials.

Applegreen forecourts

Applegreen forecourts offer all the traditonal services you would expect to find at any petrol station forecourt.  They have facilities for car washes at their larger sites and as well as stocked shops offering fresh daily produce and a "Great coffee experience". 

They have many offers ranging from meal deals to saving money on fuel with any car wash.  In addition to these, they also have a loyalty scheme.  Current offers are; every 5th car wash is free and when you have purchased 9 coffees, the 10th is free with a croissant!

They have also teamed up with some of Irelands biggest names to offer customer savings.  On every till receipt are details of these companies and the current offers and when they are available.

All in all, Applegreen seems to offer all the things a motorist would need when filling up along with some nice additional customer loyalty bonuses.  Remember to check out their web site for the latest offers and news.

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