Esso Ireland Petrol Prices

Esso Ireland is a subsidiary of the Exxon Mobil corporation, the worlds leading publically owned energy company. In 2010 Esso Ireland contributed to the irish economy by providing jobs for over 400 staff and 40 contractors and spent about €17.7 million on materials and services. It also reported paying €412 million in taxes.

Some more key facts about Esso Ireland:

  1. They supply around 10 per cent of all petroleum products used in Ireland.
  2. Products are supplied from distribution terminals in Dublin and New Ross.
  3. They have a retail network of 125 Esso-branded service stations serving more than 80,000 customers a day.
  4. They market world-leading motor oils - including Mobil 1 - and supply some 350 different types of lubricants for industry.
  5. They supply jet fuel at Dublin airport.
  6. They sell directly to over 200 major industrial and wholesale customers around the country and their network of authorised distributors sell to over 50,000 such customers.

What can you expect to find on the Irish Esso forecourt?

The Esso Ireland network of over 125 service stations nationwide offers customers convenient service and essential products at keen prices. This network consists of both company owned and dealer service stations located at prime locations all over the country. The following services can be found at some or all of the locations.

'On the run' in Ireland

This concept was launched by Esso Ireland in 2002. The retail sites offer more paypoints for faster service, fresher products and a friendly atmosphere. There are currently 30 On the Run sites in Ireland, with dedicated parking, convenience retailing with a wider product range, spacious shopping areas, an off-licence area and a cosmopolitan selection of hot and cold food for consumption either on or off the premises.

Nine One One

Nine One One offers a very tasty experience for customers at all the On the Run locations. You can enjoy freshly prepared food, pizza, sandwiches, wraps with a great selection of fillings, a wide choice of coffees, teas and a selection of cakes and pastries.

Esso fuel card

The Esso fuel Card offers fleet managers a flexible tool to control and manage fuel requirements. The card is accepted in over 150 service stations in prime locations around the country. In addition, it is also accepted at around 7,000 service stations across Europe.

ESSO fuel types

ESSO offers 3 types of fuel in Ireland:

All of these fuels claim to keep your engine clean, reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve engine performance.

Esso and the community

Esso claims that as a business they put a lot of time and resoure into improving the quality of life of our neighbours and their communities. We have always considered this an important part of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Esso says "Being a good citizen is about being a good neighbour" and values the relationship between the company and the local communities in which they operate and take pride in their corporate citizen role and take their commitments seriously.

In Ireland they focus on supporting the neighbourhoods around key business locations by investing in community projects and initiatives. They also recognise the voluntary efforts of employees by granting awards to the organisations they support.

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