Past Petrol Prices in Ireland (Eire)

Whatgas has only been collecting petrol prices in Ireland for the past year. The graph below shows how Unleaded and Diesel prices have changed in the last 12 months (based in Euro cents per litre), and we have compared this to the price of oil.

The recent spike in oil prices has clearly led to Irish petrol prices increasing, but now that oil prices are dropping we don't seem to be seeing such a rapid drop off in petrol prices. Both unleaded and diesel prices also stubbornly refused to drop below 1 Euro 25, even when oil fell to just over $70 a barrel.

As with most of Europe the price of unleaded petrol is typically more expensive than diesel fuel, with the gap in June 2011 reaching a record 11 cents.

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Ireland Petrol Prices

Please wait whilst the current average prices of unleaded and diesel petrol in Ireland (in Euro Cents per litre) load:

Ireland Unleaded Petrol

Ireland Diesel


Each average price is calculated from the last 30 days worth of price submissions and so the fuel price is based on a survey of petrol stations in Ireland. In order to improve this pricing data please submit Irish petrol prices in your area. The average petrol prices are updated daily. please contact us if you would like to use this pricing information