Top Petrol Prices

TOP fuels is one of Ireland's longest established fuel importers. The company dates back over 200 years and is currently part of the Tedcastles group. The company itself is owned by the Reihill family and this makes the company 100% Irish owned.

The business runs 30 company owned fuel depots, twenty authorised distributors and over 100 retail and unmanned fuel card / credit card sites. The company has been successful in winning a tender to build and operate 6 filling stations on Ireland's new M1 and M6 motorways. These new sites opened in 2010 and helped to really establish this brand in Ireland as one of the leading fuel suppliers.

TOP fuels also supply other types of fuels. They have a long established customer base in the domestic market supplying homes with oil for over 200 years. They also supply fuel to the agricultural market with their own brand called Agri fuels.

What types of vehicle fuel do Top sell?

TOP fuels sell all of the basic types of petrol and diesel. They also have green fuels including bio-ethanol and bio-diesel.

What services can I find at Top Petrol stations?

TOP operate a number of filling stations all over the country with the main sites providing 24 hour opening. In additon to the smaller sites they have six truck stops located on the main motorways. These stations are dedicated to serving larger commercial vehicles. These filling stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can purchase diesel, gas oil and absolute products. The facilities available at these sites include convenience stores, food outlets, rest rooms and large areas for trucks and buses to stop.

TOP fuel card

The TOP payment card provides commercial customers with ability to make cashless purchases of fuels from their sites across the country.

Benefits include:

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