Topaz Petrol Prices

Topaz energy was formed initially in 2005 as Ion Equity. It's purpose was to act as a vehicle to take over the fuel and home heating operations of Royal Dutch Shell Ireland and  Statiols Irish operations.

Topaz Energy is now operating in all areas all over Ireland making it the biggest fuel retailer in the country.  Topaz Energy is also the largest supplier of home heating oil in Ireland as well.  Today they employ over 1000 people and they have approximatley 334 fillings stations in various prominent locations.

Types of fuels on sale at Topaz

Topaz Petrol

Topaz Petrol contains an additive package which maintains the engine in optimum condition. The Specification is IS EN 228.

Topaz VPower

Topaz V-Power is an unleaded fuel for spark ignition engines with a minimum Octane Rating of 95. It also contains a powerful detergent additive at four times the treat rate as for Petrol for optimum performance. The Specification is IS EN 228.

Topaz Diesel

Diesel is used in compression engines mainly by on road vehicles. The Sulphur content is currently 50ppm max in general but Sulphur Free is available at a number of their filling stations. The Specification is IS EN 590.

Filling station services

Most of the Topaz filling stations provide services such as a forecourt shop and car washes.  The bigger sites such as Dublin port are clearly aimed at the trucking sector by providing lots of parking, a truckers lounge and a fully operational restaurant.

Topaz fuel card

Topaz offer a fuel card to it's business users.  The card offers competitive rebates on the amount of fuel you purchase over a year.  Topaz also provides the ability to see all purchases made using the card which helps to simplify your accounting processes.

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