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Whatgas Petrol Prices Android Application


The following free Android application can be used to get live petrol pricing data straight to your Android smartphone: There is also now a PRO version with even more helpful features


This android application shows you nearby petrol stations on your phone and lets you share fuel prices for petrol stations that you know of, and to see the prices entered by others. Just search the google android marketplace on your smartphone.

Browse the map to find petrol stations on your android phone, and click any station flag to view and update prices.


Petrol Prices Android Pro


The Pro version of the petrol prices is completely ad free and provides the following features:

  • Location lookup - enter an address or postcode to locate on the map. Ideal for planning routes.
  • Filter by station - choose to only see stations of a particular brand. Useful if you've got restrictions on buying fuel.
  • Customisable list of fuels - rather then just viewing a limited number of fuel types (3 in the free version of the app), this version allows you to select the fuels your most interested in.
  • A 'follow me' feature to track your location on the move.

For more details on this Android application take a look at the platform Android developers website


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