England Petrol Price

England, especially the south of England, has a reputation for being expensive and possibly even being a rip off. Whatgas.com have therefore decided to look at how the average price of petrol in England compares to the rest of the UK. The table below gives a breakdown of fuel prices by country.

The current average prices of petrol in England are:





Each average price is calculated from the last 10 days worth of price submissions and so the fuel price is based on a random survey of petrol stations in England. The average petrol prices are updated daily.

Buying Petrol in England

At the time of writing there is little difference in fuel prices between England and the rest of the UK. If anything England is a slightly cheaper than Northern Ireland and Wales, whilst Scotland is certainly a few pence cheaper. This could be due to the oil refinaries and North Sea Oil sources up in Scotland which keep transport costs lower. Detailed analysis of the english regions shows that there is certainly variation from county to county.

It is clear that more rural places such as Devon and Cornwall are expensive places to buy petrol, as well as the major areas that are known to have high living costs (e.g London, Cambridge etc).

Use the map below to find a petrol station anywhere in England


Petrol Oil Refinaries in England

There are five oil refinaries in England that produce petrol (unleaded, diesel, LPG and others). These are:

  • Teeside
  • Fawley
  • Coryton
  • Killingholme
  • Stanlow

All of the refineries are near the sea as this provides good access to the raw oil that is shipped in from abroad.