Glasgow Petrol Prices

Glasgow Petrol Prices

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the 3rd largest in the UK. Because of this it obviously has an awful lot of petrol stations, and the average price of fuel in this area rarely deviates from the overall UK average. As with any large city there are often pockets of expensive and cheap fuel, garages selling fuel right in the city centre have higher costs (generally their property rentals are high) and so have to hike up their petrol prices to compensate. On the other hand there are some large out of town supermarket areas that can afford to sell fuel at rock bottom prices. Use our Petrol Price map below to find the petrol station that is closest to you, but don't forget to tell us how much the fuel costs!

Glasgow Petrol Price Commentary

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"Asda in the centre of glasgow is confirmed to be selling unleaded at 110.9p, whilst other garages may be offering the same price you certainly aren't going to find it cheaper elsewhere! A Shell in Clydebank is reported to be selling at 112/124p"

"The glasgow airport Petrol station is often one of the highest prices stations. Three days ago fuel was reported at 119.9p and 124.9p, we wouldn’t be surprised if that has increased slightly in the last few days"

"Sainsbury drumchapel are giving the cheapest fuel (among others). The area Glasgow seems to be reluctant to offer the lower unleaded price of 107.9p and is holding out at 108.9p, perhaps the supermarkets are following each other on this and holding the price a little higher then neighbouring Edingburgh."

"Glasgow has average prices of 108.9p and 119.1p. The cheapest is Sainsburies (Drumchapel) at 106.9p and 112.9p. Unconfirmed prices show the most expensive at 112.9p and 124.9p, hard to confirm as all the BP garages refuse to talk to us! ".

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Use the map below to find stations near you that sell fuel in Glasgow. It is a large place with lots of stations so please do help us by filling in any prices that you know by clicking on the 'Update Prices' buttons on the fuel station in question

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