Liverpool Petrol Prices

Liverpool is close to one of the few petrol chemical oil refinaries in England - Ellesmere Port. Because it is so close to a fuel refinary that produces both diesel and unleaded petrol one would assume that the transport costs of the petrol are lower than in other parts of country and this would be reflected in the price of both petrol and unleaded at the pump.

Luckily this actually tends to be the case, and although petrol prices in Liverpool do fluctuate they do tend to be slightly lower than the average price of petrol in the UK.

The table below gives the average price for Unleaded, Diesel and LPG petrol for the last 30 days inLiverpool and compares it to the average price of petrol in the UK.

Liverpool Petrol Prices

Petrol Type
Rest of UK

Map of Petrol Stations in Liverpool.

The map below gives the location of all petrol stations in Liverpool. It shows the most up to date petrol prices that we have. If you live or work in Liverpool then why not help out by updating any petrol prices that you know?

Liverpool has its fair share of supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons, all of which helps to keep the price of petrol low through general competition to get supermarket shoppers in the door. However it does also have a reasonable number of brand numbers, in particular BP garages are fairly common in Liverpool.