LPG Fuel Prices

The current average price for LPG Fuel in pence per litre is:

This is based on the average price of LPG sold around the UK over the last 10 days. If you would like to use our petrol pricing information then please contact us

The cost of LPG is a lot lower than Unleaded or Diesel fuel, but its price has been gradually rising since it was first introduced. The chart below tracks the historical prices for LPG


What is LPG fuel?

LPG stands for Liquefied petroleum gas, which basically means that when it is stored under pressue it is a liquid, but when being burnt in an internal combustion engine it evaporates into a gas. It is useful in cars as it is non-toxic, non-corrosive and doesn t require any additional compounds to prevent  knocking (Lead in petrol used to do this, and other compounds such as benezene in Unleaded petrol are still used).

Cost of LPG Fuel

LPG actually has a much lower calorific value then petrol, so you will get less miles per gallon out of an LPG car, however in the UK LPG tax levels are much lower than both Diesel and Unleaded so it is still a far more cost effective way to run your car. The tax break is due to evidence that suggests that LPG is better for the environment than the mainstream fuels. This is probably due to it being a very clean burning fuel.

As of 2009 Diesel and Unleaded fuel is taxed at around 64p per litre, compared to only 16.5p/litre for LPG. This 50p tax saving is why LPG is nearly half the price of other fuels at present.

Unfortunately this doesn t mean that it is 50% cheaper to run your car on LPG. The decreased calorific value means that you get only 2/3rds as far on a litre of LPG compared to a litre of Unleaded. Still at todays prices that still means that driving on LPG in 2009 is around 33% cheaper than driving on other fuels

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