Petrol Prices in Scotland

Scotland can often be an expensive place to buy petrol, especially in the more rural areas. Transportation costs and overheads of the more remote petrol stations often add to the price of the petrol. In places such as Dundee however the price of fuel is consistantly extremely competitive when compared to the rest of the UK, whilst poor Stornoway suffers from the highest petrol prices we have seen anywhere in the UK

The current average prices of petrol in Scotland are:

Scottish Unleaded Petrol

Scottish Diesel

Scottish LPG


Each average price is calculated from the last 10 days worth of price submissions and so the fuel price is based on a random survey of petrol stations in Scotland. The average petrol prices are updated daily. please contact us if you would like to use this pricing information

Overall Dundee is usually the cheapest place to buy fuel and Stornoway is far and away the most expensive. Places like Edinburgh and Glasgow have plenty of fuel stations and the competition seems to keep prices in sync with the rest of the country. Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling tend to see more variation.

Scottish Area
Deviation from UK average (as of 12/11/2009)
0.9p cheaper
1.4p cheaper
0.1p more expensive
Same as UK average
3.5p more expensive
0.4p more expensive
8p more expensive!

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Petrol Oil Refinaries in Scotland

There is only one Petrol Oil Refinary in Scotland - Grangemouth, but it does deal with over 200,000 barrels of oil per day!