Petrol Prices in Sterling

Stirling Petrol Prices

For a small town Stirling is suprisingly cheap to buy fuel, with typical prices only up to 0.5p more expensive than the rest of the UK. It seems the central Saisburies and Morrisons are helping to keep fuel prices low there, although both supermarkets never seem particularly keen to talk about how cheap they are! Perhaps you could help by filling in the prices in our petrol pricing map below?

Stirling Petrol Price Commentary

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"A BP south of Stirling in Denny is selling the most expensive fuel at 117.9p/128.9p"

"Morrisons again with the cheapest fuel, whilst a Shell garage in Blackford is selling at 114.9/129.9p"

"Tesco's were selling LPG at 55.9p a litre here, compared to Sainsburies who are at 56p/litre. Saisburies was also losing out ot Tesco's with reports a couple of days ago that its fuel was at 108p compared to Tescos 107.9p. Out in Callander a station was selling fuel at 113.9p/126.9p yesterday and they quoted "but the price could change at anytime, its seems to go up with every delivery""

"Our most expensive confirmed station on the mainland at the moment! Moto, Junction 9 services is selling unleaded at 112.9p and Diesel at 122.9p. Ouch! Yesterday both Sainsburies and Tesco were selling fuel at 106.9 and 115.9, unfortunately we don’t have details for today and they both refrained from confirming these prices over the phone.

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