Unleaded Petrol Prices

The current average price for Unleaded Petrol in pence per litre is:

This is based on the average price of Unleaded sold around the UK over the last 10 days. If you would like to use our petrol pricing information then please contact us

The chart below gives the average price of unleaded petrol for the last few years. You can see that the price of petrol swings quite wildly over time due to market forces. The main influence of the price of unleaded fuel is the price of a barrel of oil.


What is unleaded fuel?

Unleaded fuel was born out of the health concerns associated with leaded petrol. The lead in fuel was used as an anti-knock agent that prevented the engine from misfiring. Instead of the lead the fuel contains a number of hydrocarbons and alkenes to increase its octane rating. These compounds also have health concerns and are sometimes linked to causes of cancer. The use of "green" unleaded fuel is somewhat missleading also as it is still a heavy polluter, however the use of catalytic converters has drastically decreased the low level smog seen in a number of urban areas.

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