Winter Driving

Britain is covered in a beautiful layer of snow, but this can make driving on our roads extremely treacherous. In these conditions you should only travel by car if it is absolutely necessary, and take precautions.
 - Slow down! Your stopping distances will be drastically increased, even if the roads are clear of snow and ice. This is because your tyres do not work as well when they are cold. And of course, if you are driving slowly you will have more time to react, and do less damage if you do spin off the road!
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Which Side is the Petrol Cap?

Did you know that you can tell which side your petrol filler cap is just by looking at your fuel gauge?  Not a lot of people know that! On most cars there is a small arrow next to the petrol fillter symbol, and whichever side it is on indicates the side to use for filling up your car/ Very handy if you have a hire car, or perhaps are just forgetful. Read more »

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