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The Historical Price of Unleaded Petrol in the UK

Unleaded Petrol Prices

The current average price for Unleaded Petrol is shown in the graph below. This is based on the average price of Unleaded sold around the UK over the last 7 days.


The petrol prices go back to the middle of 2006, and we can provide average petrol prices for any year, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Please email us if you require any additional data.

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Petrol vs Oil Prices - How the Price of Oil Affects Unleaded and Diesel Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices vs Oil Prices

The public is being hit hard by fuel prices and often lash out at the petrol station forecourts and accuse them of profiteering by charging excessive amounts of money for the their petrol. However is this really fair on the petrol stations? Read more »

Petrol Prices in London - Find Petrol Prices and Petrol Stations

Petrol Stations in London


London has every single brand of petrol fuel station available as it has the largest number of petrol stations for any city in the UK. The cost of petrol in London vary a great deal depending on the petrol stations location and the petrol brand. The supermarkets such as ASDA and Morrisons offer the cheapest petrol whilst some of the big brands tend to be more expensive. There are a large number of independant petrol stations in London as well, some offering good value for money for your fuel, whilst others sell very expensive petrol.

If you would like to comment about petrol stations and petrol prices in London, then please email us at, we would be delighted to include your comments on this page.

Here are the latest average cost of petrol in London compared to the rest of the UK

Fuel Type London Price (p/L) UK Price (p/L)
Unleaded 124.56 124
Diesel 133.16 133.16
LPG 61.33 61.51


Find Petrol Stations in London

Use the map below to find a petrol station in London, click on the icons to get the latest petrol price

Petrol Prices in Aberdeen - View Petrol Stations and Petrol Prices

Aberdeen Petrol Prices

The residents of Aberdeen seem to be less concerned about petrol prices than the UK population as a whole. We at get less price submissions here per head than any other place in Scotland!. Is everyone happy with the price of petrol in Aberdeen, or is the public transport system so good that no-one drives anywhere? Read more »

Search for Cheap Petrol Prices in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Petrol Prices

Edinburgh petrol prices track quite closely to its larger neighbor Glasgow, and hence are always close to the UK average. The very centre of Edinburgh suffers from a lack of fuel stations, but has ample supply of cheap petrol located at the out of town supermarkets. As with most Scottish towns Shell has a large presence with fuel stations scattered all over the place.


Edinburgh Petrol Price Commentary

Please feel free email us your own comments at (we welcome all comments about fuel prices and would love to publish them!)

"A central Sainsburies and Morrisons are fighting over the cheapest price and holding it at 110.9p, whilst Tesco out in Musselburgh is reported to be 114.9p and a BP in Livingston was 127.9p for Diesel a couple of days ago"

"Sainsbury cameron toll are giving the cheapest fuel (among others). Out in Witburn a service station is reported to be selling fuel at 116.9p and 126.9p"

"Unsurprisingly Edinburgh similarly prices to Glasgow with averages of 108.8p and 118.9p. Good old Sainsbury’s is the cheapest again at 105.9p and 115.9p (although they think it is going up tomorrow) but Morrisons is close at 106.9p and 116/9p.".

Submit Edinburgh Petrol Prices

Use the map below to find stations near you that sell fuel in Edinburgh. It is a large place with lots of stations so please do help us by filling in any prices that you know by clicking on the 'Update Prices' buttons on the fuel station in question

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A Summary of Petrol Prices in Wales

Petrol Prices in Wales

Wales can often be an expensive place to buy petrol, especially in the more rural areas. Transportation costs and overheads of the more remote petrol stations often add to the price of the petrol. In places such as Cardiff however the price of fuel is extremely competitive when compared to the rest of the UK

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Search for the Location of any Petrol Station Brand and Find the Current Price

Search for a Particular Petrol Station Brand and Petrol Price

Use the drop down menu below to search for any brand of petrol station in the UK. Once you select the petrol station brand filter please wait a few seconds for the petrol map to update. You can then click on any petrol station to see the latest petrol price that we have. Please help us by updating any petrol prices that are out of date!

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Ge Petrol Prices Live of Your Blackberry

Whatgas Petrol Prices Blackberry Application

Whatgas petrol pricing information is now available on your Blackberry, using an app developed by ExtraUrban. Read more »

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