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Basic Tips on How to Look After Your Car

Basic Tips and Hints For Looking After Your Car

Far too many times we are confronted with something going wrong with the car and usually it’s because we ignore symptoms or just do not adopt a common sense approach to driving and maintaining our wheels.

Here are some common sense hints and tips for looking after your car and enjoying motoring without the stress. Read more »

In-car GPS - Why Purchase a GPS System for Your Car?

GPS Systems - What Do I Need to Know?

GPS or Auto Navigation Systems were developed from technology originally devised for the United States Military. They are a remarkable confluence of design and science and have become almost invaluable to many road users. But remember that they are still developing and improving. So toadays GPS system is likely to be inferior to thos that will be available in a year or two. Read more »

How To Know If You Are Buying A Car Damaged By Flood

How To Know If You Are Buying A Car Damaged By Flood

You are never sure of what you might get when purchasing a used vehicle. If things work in your favor, a used vehicle report should be available for your car. Sometimes, these things can be outdated. To avoid accidentally purchasing a lemon, it s key to know how to evaluate the vehicle yourself to detect minor flaws or major damage. These are some things which may help discover if a car has been flood damaged.
  Read more »

Car Stereos - What to Look For in a Car Stereo

Guide to Car Radio/Stereo Systems

The Importance of the Radio Head Unit Read more »

In-car GPS - Why Purchase a GPS System for Your Car?

Why Purchase an In-Car GPS System?

Most of us these days have heard about in-car GPS systems, but what exactly is it and why should we need one?  Surprisingly, this piece of technology is not as new as you might think, and holds many benefits, especially with today’s increasingly rushed schedules, not to mention the ever more crowded roads.  Let’s look at what GPS actually is, and why we should install it in our car. Read more »

Car Dents - How to Repair a Car Dent

How to Repair Dents and Chips in Your Car

There are some things that can easily ruin the looks of a gorgeous car, one of which is a car dent or chip. Regardless of where the dent came from, having car dents or chips is simply unacceptable since they are a tedious thing to work on and getting dent/chip repairs done at local body shops could give you another huge dent – in your wallet! Read more »

Car Cleaning - How to Clean Your Car Effectively

How To Clean Your Car Properly

Once upon a time, surburban men everywhere could be seen out on a Sunday afternoon, cleaning their cars.  Now we tend to take the short cut and head for the nearest drive through car wash.  But is this the best way to wash your car? Read more »

Modern Auto Glass Explained - How Windshields Evolved

A Brief History of the Evolution and Impact of Modern Auto Glass

by: James Serwa

Although glass has been crafted and used by man for millennia, what concerns us here is the evolution of Modern Auto Glass and specifically windshields. Read more »

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