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Car Maintenance - Prevention is Better Than Cure

Keeping Your Car Maintained

Looking after your car is essential but a lot of the costs involved in fixing and repairing things can be avoided by routine maintenance you can do and which will take only a few minutes a week to carry out. Keeping your vehicle maintained will reduce the running costs as well as saving on more costly repairs incurred as a result of leaving things until they become more serious issues and potentially costing you thousands in garage bills. Read more »

Keep a Car Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

Car Fire Extinguisher- A Car Safety Device

Like domestic fires, car fires are considered as one of the most typical causes of damage in property. In the United Kingdom, though car fires are not prominent, the rising number of arson cases has become a point of concern among property owners. Most of the car fires and related cases in the United Kingdom are said to be deliberate, as the cars involved are mostly stolen. Statistically, it is estimated that out of a thousand vehicles, two of them are damaged due to fires and related incidents. Read more »

The Cheapest Car In The World

The Cheapest Car In The World

by: Direct Line Car Insurance

Much has been made in the mainstream press about the release of Tata’s Nano and it has finally been unveiled to the general public and the overall feeling seems to be one of success.

The Indian car manufacturer proved the skeptics wrong by producing a car with space for four passengers and it will only cost you £1,369, it is sure to be cheap to find car insurance for as well, so all in all it seems great for cheap motoring right? Well, let’s find out. Read more »

Car Insurance Bands and How They Affect Your Premiums

How car insurance bands affect premiums

If you’re in the market for a new car its worth thinking beyond the retail price alone and considering how much the car will cost in the long run. One element that should not be overlooked is car insurance but how can you know how much a car is likely to cost to insure before you buy?
This is where car insurance bands (also known as car insurance groups) are so important. Read more »

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