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How to Car Reduce Fuel Consumption and Save Money on Petrol

Save Petrol

With the cost of fuel increasing by in the last 12 months, the majority of the population are feeling the need to cut back on our vehicles fuel consumption. As well as reduce the number of times we need to fill up the tank in a set period of time (up to 15% reduced fuel consumption), economical driving can also help the environment, your vehicle’s engine as well as your finances. Read more »

Fuel Efficienct Petrol Cars - Best Petrol Cars for MPG

Most people realise that Diesel cars offer the potential to have the best MPG, along with other more fancy electric and hybrid cars. However many of us prefer to use the standard petrol car for a number of reasons, performance, style, or just the initial purchase cost. Therefore we have rooted out the most fuel efficient petrol cars for you that are available as of August 2009. In cases where multiple options are available on the car, the ones listed below are the most fuel efficient. These figures are for the combined cycle Read more »

MPG and Fuel Economy - How Fuel Efficient is Your Car?

How Efficient is your Car (What is its MPG)?

Use the form below to find out your cars MPG and hence how fuel efficient your car is. More miles to the gallon = buy less petrol. Officially there are 3 measures of MPG (in the UK) but the exact efficiency of your car will depend on your driving practices. We use the combined cycle MPG. Details of the different measures of fuel efficiency can be found at the bottom of this article.

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Hypermiling Means "To Save Fuel" - Here is How to Hypermile

Increasing fuel efficiency by Hypermiling

With recent fuel prices reaching every higher heights no matter what country you are in there will be a desire to increase the fuel economy of your car. One simply way to get more miles to the gallon is to use a number of driving techniques to improve your fuel efficiency. This technique is known as "Hypermiling" and is rapidly catching on all over the world! Read more »

Best Diesel MPG - Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Most people realise that Diesel cars offer the potential to have the best MPG, along with other more fancy electric and hybrid cars. They do usually cost slightly more than their petrol counterparts, but Diesel cars can offer huge cost savings from fuel economy over the long run. The top fuel economy diesal cars (in terms of MPG) available on the market today are shown below (as of August 09).

All of the cars shown below in the car tax band A which means no tax needs to be paid on them! Read more »

Reduce Car Running Costs - Save Money On Owning a Car

Save Money on Running a Car

The most obvious way to save money on running a car is to cut down on your fuel consumption, and we have a whole host of tips on how to save fuel when driving a car. However saving fuel is only one way to cut down on the costs of owning a car, and some people may not want to drive as sensibly as others- so what other ways can you save money whilst still enjoying owning and driving a car?
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