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Car hire is the new budget way to travel in the UK

If you're thinking of going on a budget holiday this year then look no further than the UK. Many people feel that they need a holiday abroad, however going on holiday doesn t necessarily mean you have to leave the country. There are over 2,000 stunning UK and Ireland destinations right on the doorstep. Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Glasgow are some of the most popular destinations.

Car Hire Benefits

Convenient travel via cheap car hire means that consumers can holiday without having to go over budget. Other benefits of car hire include:

  • Getting to and from the destination door to door without having to worry about transfers and carrying luggage between the airport, train stations or coach stands etc.
  • No additional travel costs for transfers i.e. taxi and bus fares
  • Opportunity to use the hire car to get out and about whilst holidaying i.e. to take in the sites and visit popular tourist destinations

In addition, most people believe that instead of buying a car for the odd journey, car hire could be a more cost effective solution because they could make annual savings on things like car maintenance, MOT, insurance as well as road tax.

However, depending on the circumstances, car hire may not be the most suitable option because there are several additional things to consider. These include items covered in the contractual agreement for example the car hirer and the car hire agencies responsibility, insurance coverage for accidents or breakdowns, driver insurance, conditions for vehicle usage as well as how and when to return the vehicle.

Car Hire Finances

Additional fees incurred to the car hirer could include additional driver fees, advance-booking conditions, congestion charges, any late return fees if applicable, sales tax, weekly/weekend rates and mileage charges etc. These may or may not be accounted for as part of the special offers and discounts that car hire agencies are offering.

However, because there is such a high rate of competition in the car hire market, it is advised that consumers shop around for the best deal, not only on the internet but also via telephone as well to see what other offers the agencies are willing to provide.

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