Car Fire Extinguisher

Car Fire Extinguisher- A Car Safety Device

Like domestic fires, car fires are considered as one of the most typical causes of damage in property. In the United Kingdom, though car fires are not prominent, the rising number of arson cases has become a point of concern among property owners. Most of the car fires and related cases in the United Kingdom are said to be deliberate, as the cars involved are mostly stolen. Statistically, it is estimated that out of a thousand vehicles, two of them are damaged due to fires and related incidents.

A Car Fire Extinguisher is an essential safety feature

One of the best ways to lessen if not prevent the damages, would be through the use of a car fire extinguisher. If you happen to own a car or drives one on a regular basis, it is best to have a firefighting device in place. Surprisingly, a motor vehicle is considered a fire-magnet, due to the presence of potential risks and dangerous elements. Prime examples of which would be oil and gasoline. In addition, a motor vehicle also consists of combustibles like car upholstery. The car’s electrical wiring can also be a cause of car fires, due to possible short circuits. Another point of concern would be fuel leakages, as brought by faulty and defective fuel lines. The car’s batteries can also be considered potential hazards, due to probable release of battery acid. And if you are thinking of electric and hybrid cars as fire-proof vehicles, think again. Hybrid and electric cars are also susceptible to risks because of their battery’s components. The batteries which are mainly composed of lead-acid or Li-ion, are also susceptible to explosion and leakages.

On the other hand, many cars have built-in features in them, making it less prone to fires and accidents. Safety features like smoke detectors and temperature sensors have been incorporated within these vehicles to ensure safety. However, fire safety devices like a car fire extinguisher also provide additional protection. These types of extinguishers are also considered practical and handy, given the urgency of fires and related incidents. The device does not only guarantee a person with initial protection, but it also lessens eventual damage to property. More so, several car fire cases show that the use of this device actually gives the passengers enough time to get out of the car and head their way toward safety. Besides, most fires initially occur in the engine compartment, therefore the use of extinguisher somewhat increases the passenger’s chance to survive if not her chances to seek necessary help.

Car Fire Safety

In times of emergencies like car fires, it is advisable to consider the following procedures and steps. First, if you are driving and your car accidentally caught fire, it is best to pull over, turn off the engine and get out of the vehicle immediately. It is also best to notify authorities at once and call the emergency services for help. Be mindful of the extent and severity of each fire-related situation. Be careful in extinguishing fires as this may lead to further injury if not done properly. Do not try to extinguish a seemingly uncontrollable fire, since such incidents require the assistance and action of professionals and fire authorities. You may also want to take note of possible toxic fumes and emissions, as these often lead to toxic inhalation. In the end, preparedness will always save us from harm, especially if we are armed with proper equipment. It does not only reduce the risks but likewise gains us an advantage, which is to live and be free from fire-related dangers.