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Fuel Alternative - Save Petrol and Save Money

by: Alan Drakovic

It is common knowledge that there are many ways to conserve fuel. A person can save money by just walking when going outside or riding a bus, train, or any other public transportation. If one wants to use his car every single day, there is still a way to save money, and that is through the use of a fuel alternative.

The use of fuel alternative is very common today because of the on-going price hike of both gasoline and diesel. Fuel alternatives are cheaper than the ordinary fuel; however, even if it is cheap, this does not mean that it is dangerous to the environment.

One fuel alternative that a person may use is Biodiesel. This fuel is famous today because it uses cooking oil, vegetable oil, restaurant greases, and animal fats as a source of fuel. Take note that the sources mentioned need not be unused; it can still be used even if it is recycled. Biodiesel is very effective because one’s vehicle can easily use this fuel alternative by just switching to an accessible Biodiesel kit. Also, it is safe and reduces harmful air pollutants caused by ordinary gas.

Another available fuel alternative is solar power. The use of solar power in one’s car has its advantage and disadvantage. Its advantage is that it saves fuel and if you run out of solar power you can easily switch to fuel mode. The disadvantage is that is will cost you a lot and the solar power stored is not that big as compared when you refill your gas tank in full. Vehicles using solar power are also called hybrid vehicles because they can use solar power and fuel at the same time. The good thing about hybrid vehicles is it uses solar power first and when it’s empty, the vehicle automatically runs on fuel.

Electricity may also be used as a fuel alternative. Electricity is easily obtainable because it is everywhere. With just one plug, the car can already start its engine. It is like charging a cellular phone or a laptop. The good thing about electric cars is that one can plug his car almost everywhere. However, the cost is pretty shocking and the horse power of the vehicle is very minimal. One cannot drive for 120 kilometers per hour if one is using an electric car. I

Other forms of fuel alternative include natural gas, mix of gas and ethanol, ethanol, and hydrogen.

The following fuel alternatives are great innovations to save fuel and also money. Ordinary gasoline or diesel will cost you much if you are driving everyday to work or to school. In addition, research and studies show that fuel alternatives contribute toward a cleaner and greener environment.

Fuel resources are not limitless, it will also disappear, and this is the reason why fuel alternatives were created. Other alternative fuel requires a specific type of engine in order to run; but there are others that may be actually used in one’s industry, machine or vehicle in order to save money and also energy.

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