Sainsburys Petrol

Sainsburys Fuel Prices and Filling Stations

Consumers have numerous choices when it comes to purchasing fuel.  Supermarkets are growing in popularity with their convenience and keen prices.  Sainsburys have been selling fuel since the 1970’s at supermarket sites and as they are one of biggest supermarkets in the UK it makes them a popular choice.  With incentives such as reward points on fuel purchases, this now could be a good time to investigate what they have to offer.

About Sainsburys Supermarket

J Sainsbury Plc started trading in Drury Lane in 1869, this site was its very first store.  It started selling its own Sainsburys brand products as early as 1882 and since then it has been one of the biggest supermarkets in the UK.  Today it has 890 stores across the country, 547 of which are supermarkets with the remaining 347 being convenience stores.  In conjunction with the supermarkets it also owns and operates 267 petrol stations up and down the country.  Sainsburys is keen to show its involvement in the community and some of its corporate responsibilities include helping its customers to eat a healthy balanced diet and reduce its impact on the environment.

Where can you find Sainsbury's filling stations?

Sainsburys filling stations can be found next to their larger stores up and down the country.  Like all of the supermarket chains they are located on the supermarket site making it quick and convenient to fill up. Use the map below to find Sainsbury petrol stations and fuel prices, or use their own store locator to find all Sainsbury's supermarkets.

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Fuel options at Sainsbury's stations

Sainsburys filling stations sell both unleaded and diesel fuels.  They also sell variants of these; city petrol and city diesel and at some filling stations LPG is available.  However even though reports suggest that LPG is not widely available, the lack of demand for this fuel is resulting for it being withdrawn from some forecourts across the country.

Extra services offered

Sainsburys filling stations always have a shop and offer the usual array of groceries and refreshments which is comparative to its competitors.  You can also find a jet wash and access to air and water for your car.

Incentives to buy fuel from Sainsburys

Occasionally Sainsburys will offer discounts on fuel when you spend a certain amount in store but the biggest incentive has to be collecting Nectar points.  At Sainsburys you can collect Nectar points for groceries and fuel which means your points can really start to build up if you always shop there.  For fuel purchases you will receive 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel you fill up with.

Business users can also benefit if they buy their fuel from Sainsburys.  By applying for a Sainsburys fuel card you will be able to be invoiced monthly for your fuel, thus taking advantage of the supermarket prices.

Sainsburys – going green

Sainsburys is working hard to ensure they are performing well in this area.  They are reducing their impact on the environment and aim to be leaders in environmental innovation.  They hope to achieve a reduction in their direct carbon emissions by 12000 tonnes this year.  Their innovations include using a fleet of 70 electric home delivery vehicles and using larger lorry trailers which makes it possible to carry more on the same delivery to the stores.

Benefits of filling up at a Sainsbury's Petrol Station

  • Filling stations located at major supermarket sites
  • Competitive fuel prices
  • You can collect Nectar reward points
  • 24/7 operating hours
  • Good stores on the forecourt