Shell Petrol

Shell Petrol Prices

The cost of motoring is rising but that does not mean you should not opt to fill your tank with less well regarded fuels.  Shell has a reputation for high quality fuel and this can sometimes lead to savings in efficiency for your engine and ultimately your wallet.  Read on to discover what Shell petrol has to offer.

About Shell

Shell was originally founded by Marcus Samuel almost 200 years ago, the company was an importer and exporter of goods.  In 1886 there was a surge in the consumption of fuel, the cause of this was the arrival of the internal combustion engine.  The company used their expertise in shipping, to commission a fleet to tankers to bring oil to the UK in bulk, this revolutionized the way in which oil was transported.  Shell has been at the forefront of this industry with many firsts, including the first commercially viable offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  Today Shell is a global energy and petrochemical company providing great products and innovation in its field.

Where does Shell operate filling stations?

Shell has approximately 900 branded petrol stations in the UK. Their filing stations can be found on many major and minor roads all over the country. They operate in every country in Europe as Shell.  This making them recognizable to find whilst giving peace of mind that you are purchasing an excellent petrol product.

Shell services at the petrol stations

The larger Shell filling stations benefit from the latest pay at the pump technology and well stocked shops, however some of the smaller filling stations can seem a little dated in comparison.  You can always find free air and water on site.  A lot of Shell promotions can only be seen once in the shops so keep your eyes open for special discounts on fuel and other purchases.

Shell Petrol Types

Shell is introducing a new range of fuels alongside its standard diesel and unleaded.  You can now purchase Shell FuelSave unleaded petrol and diesel which can apparently help you to save up to 1 litre of fuel per tank. It has a new formulae consisting of Shell efficiency improver and a special detergent package which helps to lubricate your engine, making it more efficient, but it also reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
Shell also has V-Powerpetrol and diesel at its petrol stations.  This fuel brand contains powerful cleaning agents which are supposed to prevent the buildup of deposits in the engine components.  Preventing these deposits helps to increase the amount of power available from your engine whilst improving lubrication in critical components within the engine.  Although V-power petrol has a premium price tag, some motorists say it is well worth the difference, especially on performance cars, it seems Shell has something on offer for all types of customers.

Shell's petrol loyalty cards

The Shell Drivers' Club rewards membership can make the most out of your card if you do regularly shop and fill up with V-power or any other fuel at a Shell petrol station.  If you register online you can benefit from bonus points and money off vouchers as well.  You can also earn points when shopping at over 100 online retailers.
Shell also has the Shell V-Power Club loyalty card.  You can register for this card online and take advantage of more promotions and competitions, although this is not available to Shell Drivers Club members.  However if you purchase more than 150 litres of Shell V-Power petrol or Diesel in one quarter as a Shell Drivers Club member you will be invited to upgrade your loyalty card automatically.
A EuroShell Fuel Card is also available to business users no matter how big your fleet is and benefits from Shells huge worldwide network of filling stations.
Finally in 2010 Shell announced they are participating in Barclaycards new Freedom reward scheme.  Basically it rewards you with money instead of vouchers or points which you can spend at participating outlets.  If you use your card at Shell, Barclaycard will reward you with 0.5% of the purchase value (as of Feb 2011).

Green issues Shell Petrol

Given Shells organizational size and diversity it is difficult to summarize their performance in this area.  Shell is dedicated to reducing the impact of emissions, discharges, use of energy & resources and waste within all of its operations.  They are always at the forefront of fuel technology given their input into high performance motor sports such as F1.  Eventually this technology does find its way to the mainstream consumers.  Shells website has a vast array of information on how they are tackling these issues should you wish to read about it in more detail.

Benefits of filling up at Shell

    • Widely available in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the world
    • V-power petrol and diesel for performance cars
    • Fuel-saving petrol helping to save you money and reduce emissions
    • Interesting range of loyalty schemes