Dundee Petrol Prices

Dundee Petrol Prices

Dundee is one of the cheapest places to buy fuel in the UK . Other areas might have 1 or 2 stations that sell petrol cheaper, but Dundee and its surround area consistently top our charts for the cheapest place on average to buy fuel. Typically Unleaded petrol will be 1p -2p cheaper than elsewhere whilst Diesel is usually 1.5p cheaper.

Why is Dundee such a cheap place to buy fuel? We aren't sure! Perhaps you can tell us ? It could be due to a large number of Shell garages there, which although not the cheapest in the region, do seem to offer very competitive prices. Do Shell own an Oil Refinery in the area? As with most places the supermarkets are leading the way for the cheapest places to buy fuel.

Dundee Petrol Price Commentary

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"Dundee is still leading the way with the cheapest prices but even here you will be pushed to find anywhere selling fuel at under the £5 a gallon mark. The best we can find is 110.9p a litre! "

"A Shell station in Dundee is selling unleaded at 113.9p. Morrisons is leading the way again with unleaded at 109.9p and Diesel at 120.9p"

"In the centre of Dundee the Shell at Caird Park is selling fuel at 113p/121p and LPG is 53p (pretty cheap!). Out in Newport-on-tay there is a BP selling costly fuel at 111.9p/122.9p which is the most expensive Unleaded but there are uncofirmed reports of Diesel selling at 124.9p in the region."

"The Jet garage was selling fuel at 105.9 and 115.9 yesterday, but today that has gone up to 106.9p and 116.9p, this joins the two Asdas which are also at 106.9p and 116.9p. The most expensive is a BP garage selling at 109.9p and 118.9p, but this isn’t too bad if you consider that is cheaper than the average price in Inverness."

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