Inverness Petrol Prices

Inverness Petrol Prices

Inverness is one of the more expensive places to buy petrol in the UK. Seems strange given that all that North Sea oil is transported right past it, but the Oil companies will probably claim that transportation costs contribute to the expensive fuel. Typically both Unleaded and Diesel are a whopping 3 pence higher than the national average. The price then increases steadily as you move further and further north, especially if you end up in Stornaway.

Inverness has a good mix of petrol stations with a presence from Shell, BP and Esso, as well as the supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons. Usually somewhere like Morrisons is leading the way with cheap fuel,

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"A shock report says that Tesco in Inverness is selling one of the most expensive fuels at 117.9p/125.9p. Other places are similarly priced however so it is not alone "

"The BP garage in the centre of Inverness (Longman Service Station) was reported to be selling fuel at 115.9p/125.9p, but this has now decreased to 114.9p. Morrisons is the cheapest with unleaded at 112.9p and Diesel at 123.9p. All other stations seem to be the same on 115.9p/125/9p including the Tesco's"

"A shell station in Kingswell is one of the stations to be selling at the cheapest price (110.9/117.9) along with the usual supermarkets. Blackpark filling station was selling unleaded at 112.9p/121.9p with unconfirmed reports of a couple of stations selling fuel at 113.9p/122.9p"

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